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cheating on vodka with gin

I love a good drink (truth be told I like a bad drink too). I have been a loyal Vodka enthusiast for most of my drinking life- it is close to perfect as far as spirits are concerned…self sufficient yet  plays well with others and is suitable for most occasions.

Recently, however I was lured away from my beloved Russian voda by a Mark Bittman drink recipe in the NY Times that my friend and I decided to test. 

 Two Grown Up Granitas later, my affair with Gin began. Although I had sworn it off for many years, I found myself newly intrigued by this Dutch tonic. Alone, Gin has little to no taste, hence the historic adding of Juniper to flavor the alcohol- but its mixability is irresistable to me. It goes with everything! From my fav mixer; pink grapefruit juice and lime to a more exotic cactus syrup or Cassis. I’ve also noticed more and more mixologists experiementing with infused Gin, from the lavender-infused Provencale at Employees Only to the pepper-infused #95 at Hurricane Club. These creative infusions have traditionally been  reserved for Vodka, but Gin is getting in on the action as well.

As I skulk around from bar to bar, secretly searching out Gin on the cocktail menu, I can’t help but feel a pang of guilt for turning my back on Vodka…not to worry though, I will always go back to my true love, whether it be a Spicy Bloody Mary or the “new” classic Moscow Mule…Vodka has been a tried and true American classic since being introduced in the 1950’s and I will always consider it my 70-proof droog.

Which do you prefer Vodka or Gin? What are your favorite mixers? Any thoughts on infused spirits?


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